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Take Back Your Home From Rodents and Wildlife

Our warm Florida climate attracts a variety of local wildlife. While most common household pests are not physically dangerous, they can be harmful to your home and health. Don’t let these nuisance pests take over!

Signature Basic

Pest Control

Our basic recurring pest program, protecting your home from more than 20 common pests including ants, spider, cockroaches, and more.

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Pest Control + Mosquito + Flea

Our most popular package, offering protection from pests like ants, spiders, and roaches, as well as mosquitoes and flea treatments!

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Pest Control + Termite

We regularly treat and protect your home against common pests PLUS complete protection from subterranean termites with Sentricon and Always Active technology.

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Pest + Mosquito + Flea + Termite

Complete protection from common pests, fleas, mosquitoes, & subterranean termites, with Sentricon and Always Active technology.

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Their technicians are very knowledgeable and take the time to listen to all issues that you’re having. Each technician I have worked with has been very professional and respectful. Great company to work with!

Rodent & Wildlife Control in Sarasota

Looking for the best wildlife or rodent control in Sarasota? You’ve come to the right place! We have over 75 years of experience serving our neighbors. With over 700 reviews and a 4.9 Google rating, it’s no secret that our customer service is in a class all its own! When you choose Fahey for your rodent and wildlife control in Sarasota, you can count on: 

  1. A no-obligation inspection and estimate
  2. A custom treatment plan designed to effectively eliminate your problem
  3. Transparent communication throughout the entire process
  4. Follow-up after your service to make sure you’re completely satisfied

We Get Rid of Rodents from Your Home

It is common for homeowners in Sarasota to find rodents like rats and mice indoors, especially in the winter months. Rodents are elusive and resilient pests, and chances are you’ve already tried to get rid of them on your own. Luckily, our team of knowledgeable exterminators has the skills and tools necessary to get rid of even the toughest rodents in Sarasota. 

If you’ve discovered rodents in your home, let Fahey Pest come to your rescue! We not only consider your specific rodent infestation, but we also think about your home’s foundation and layout to develop a custom treatment plan most effective for your needs. Some of the Sarasota rodent treatments methods we use include:

  • Rodent exclusion. We contain entry points into your home so that rodents can’t enter in the future. 
  • Rodent trapping and baiting. After the exclusion service, our traps eliminate the rodents that are still stuck inside your home.
  • Ongoing rodent monitoring and maintenance. We make sure rodents don’t come back with ongoing monitoring and maintenance by our team of professionals.

Once we set the traps, we will revisit your home to check the traps and perform additional treatments when necessary. Once we’re sure each and every rodent has been eliminated from your home, we will vacuum any droppings and deodorize affected areas so your home is clean and sanitary in no time! 

Safe and Effective Insulation Services 

Rodents and other wildlife are looking for somewhere warm to nest, especially in the winter month. Your attic is the perfect welcoming environment for these nuisance pests to bunker down, leaving behind droppings and other materials that create a health hazard for your family. Once we’ve treated your existing rodent or wildlife problem, experience the additional benefits of Sarasota insulation services. Our experts bring your attic back to life by removing and replacing insulation ruined by animal waste. There are many additional benefits to pest insulation including: 

  • Additional hedge of protection against pests like roaches, silverfish, and ants
  • A rejuvenated attic space 
  • Lower energy bills 
  • Experience the additional benefits of our professional insulation services today!

Fast Wildlife Removal for Peace of Mind

Rodents aren’t the only potential pest problem you may face this winter. Larger wildlife such as raccoons, possums, and armadillos can also easily find their way into your home looking for food and a place to nest. These nuisance pests are dangerous to get rid of on your own, as wild animals are unpredictable and often aggressive when provoked. What’s more, if left untreated, wildlife invasions pave the way for future breeding and other pest infestations. We have decades of experience providing fast and effective wildlife control in Sarasota. Learn more about our wildlife removal process: 

  • We set traps based on the number of wildlife living in the area. Every other day, we will return to check the traps for signs of activity.
  • We will remove the animal(s) from the property, following state regulations and codes to make sure we provide the safest experience possible. 
  • After we remove the animals, we'll vacuum the droppings around the entry points to your attic and deodorize the areas where we've vacuumed.

Our goal is to take your home back from harmful wildlife so you and your family can feel safe and comfortable in your own home. Let us provide you with the relief you need. 

Superior Service with Guaranteed Results

Here at Fahey Pest & Lawn Solutions, customers are our top priority. That’s why we are proud to offer a 100% service guarantee with all of our rodent and wildlife treatments in Sarasota. If pests return after we’ve treated your home, simply give us a call and we will return to your home to retreat, absolutely free. We are the highest rated pest control company in Sarasota for a reason - let us show you why! 

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