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Say Goodbye To Unwanted Rodents and Wildlife!

Are rodents or wildlife making your home their own? Say goodbye to unwanted guests for good with Fahey Pest & Lawn Solutions! We’re here to provide fast trapping and removal so you can feel safe and comfortable in your home again.

Signature Basic

Pest Control

Our basic recurring pest program, protecting your home from more than 20 common pests including ants, spider, cockroaches, and more.

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Signature Basic Plus

Pest Control + Mosquito + Flea

Our most popular package, offering protection from pests like ants, spiders, and roaches, as well as mosquitoes and flea treatments!

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Signature Preferred

Pest Control + Termite

We regularly treat and protect your home against common pests PLUS complete protection from subterranean termites with Sentricon and Always Active technology.

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Signature Elite

Pest + Mosquito + Flea + Termite

Complete protection from common pests, fleas, mosquitoes, & subterranean termites, with Sentricon and Always Active technology.

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Their technicians are very knowledgeable and take the time to listen to all issues that you’re having. Each technician I have worked with has been very professional and respectful. Great company to work with!

Rodent & Wildlife Control in Lakewood Ranch

When your home is infiltrated by mice, rats, or other rodents, your safe space starts to feel not so safe. No matter the size or scope of your rodent infestation, there is nothing our experts can’t take care of. Through our safe rodent exclusion and elimination, we offer protection that best meets you and your home’s needs. Here at Fahey Pest, we will restore your peace of mind as soon as possible and provide you with lasting protection from the inside out. Call us today to learn more about our rodent control in Lakewood Ranch!

Protect Your Home and Family from Rodents

Rodents like rats and mice find their way into your home through the smallest crevices and entryways, causing destruction and bringing dangerous diseases with them along the way. The Fahey Pest secret to eliminating a rodent infestation lies in our specialized treatment. Our team of Lakewood Ranch rodent exterminators take into consideration that each home is designed differently and each rodent infestation is unique, so we provide you with rodent control in Lakewood Ranch that is customized for your home’s needs. We promise to protect your home and family from rodents through every step of our process:

  • Rodent exclusion. We exclude entry points on the structure with materials so that your home is sealed from any new rodents.
  • Rodent baiting and trapping. We set traps to eliminate all of the rodents stuck inside your home after our exclusion service.
  • Home clean-up. We will clean up any droppings around your attic's entry points and deodorize the affected areas where we've vacuumed. Our technicians will make sure you are left with the sanitary and safe home you deserve.
  • Ongoing monitoring and maintenance. Ongoing monitoring and maintenance is the key to keeping a rodent infestation from reoccurring. After we set traps, we’ll return every other day to monitor and perform additional treatments if needed. 

Wildlife Control in Lakewood Ranch

Here in Lakewood Ranch, there are many varieties of wildlife that frequent the area. While you may appreciate them in the wild, you certainly don’t want them invading your personal space. When these unwanted creatures find their way into your home, they pose a severe threat to the health of your family, the safety of your home, and even your peace of mind. With Fahey pest wildlife control, we utilize trapping and exclusion to efficiently remove common Lakewood Ranch wildlife, including:

  • Raccoons
  • Possums
  • Armadillos
  • Possums
  • And more!

Quick and Effective Elimination

When you have a wildlife invasion, you want relief that is fast and long lasting. After your first call to our office, our experienced professionals will be at your door as soon as possible. When you contact us, we will promptly begin our wildlife removal process. You can expect our knowledge and skilled Lakewood Ranch wildlife exterminators to:

  • Perform a complimentary, no-obligation inspection and estimate to determine the scope of your  infestation.
  • Set traps and return every other day to check the traps until there are no signs of activity.
  • Remove the animal(s) from the property, following all codes and state regulations to ensure it’s done both safely and humanely.
  • Ensure transparent communication and ongoing maintenance, so you have a safe, wildlife-free home that you deserve!

Get relief from wildlife with our professional and effective wildlife removal in Lakewood Ranch!

Protecting Families for 75 Years

Our family owned and operated business has been protecting Florida communities for over 75 years. With our years of expertise and our dedication to our customers, we’ve proudly become the highest rated company in the area. When you partner with Fahey for your rodent and wildlife concerns, you can be confident you and your family are in the best hands.

Send wildlife back where they belong.

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