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Save $25 On The Highest Rated Pest Control Company in Englewood

Are you or your loved ones being pestered by a bug invasion? Don’t live in discomfort any longer. Contact the professionals at Fahey Pest & Lawn Solutions for immediate relief.

Signature Basic

Pest Control

Our basic recurring pest program, protecting your home from more than 20 common pests including ants, spider, cockroaches, and more.

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Signature Basic Plus

Pest Control + Mosquito + Flea

Our most popular package, offering protection from pests like ants, spiders, and roaches, as well as mosquitoes and flea treatments!

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Signature Preferred

Pest Control + Termite

We regularly treat and protect your home against common pests PLUS complete protection from subterranean termites with Sentricon and Always Active technology.

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Signature Elite

Pest + Mosquito + Flea + Termite

Complete protection from common pests, fleas, mosquitoes, & subterranean termites, with Sentricon and Always Active technology.

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Professional, quality provider of pest control solutions. Used them for 3 years without any issues at all.

Pest Control in Englewood

You shouldn’t have to live in fear in your own house. Here at Fahey Pest & Lawn Solutions, we offer premier pest control in Englewood so you can be comfortable in your own home. Since we opened our doors in 1943, we have been providing exceptional customer service while getting rid of unwanted pests at the same time. Our pest control treatments in Englewood eliminate a wide variety of pests, including:

  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Roaches
  • Centipedes
  • Crickets
  • Fleas
  • Bed Bugs
  • Mosquitoes
  • Termites
  • And more

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Customized Pest Treatments To Meet Your Needs

No two pest infestations are the same, so why should they be treated that way? Here at Fahey Pest & Lawn Solutions, we treat each pest infestation different from the last. Our Englewood pest control treatments are always customized to meet your needs. When you choose us for pest control in Englewood, you can expect:

  • A thorough inspection performed by an Englewood exterminator.
  • An open and honest consultation to discuss your pest control needs.
  • A customized treatment plan that is designed to meet the needs of your specific situation.
  • The removal of spider webs from windows and eaves around the exterior of your home.
  • Exterior treatments around windows and doors to create a barrier around your home. 
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Highly-Trusted Pest Technicians

Here at Fahey Pest & Lawn Solutions, we are a locally-owned family business that has been serving our neighbors for 75 years. We haven’t been in business this long by chance - we’re a trustworthy crowd favorite. After all, we have a 4.9-star rating with over 1,800 reviews!  All of our exterminators in Englewood are certified and highly-trained on all local pest threats. We always do what it takes to make our customers feel like they are apart of the Fahey family!

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Take Your Yard Back From Mosquitoes

Everyone is all too familiar with the ominous buzz of mosquitoes when spending time outdoors. It’s almost a sure thing that you will end up with itchy red welts on your skin from these relentless pests. These tiny pests should not be underestimated as they can carry dangerous diseases such as West Nile or Zika Virus.

Protect Your Yard and the Environment

Our mosquito control experts in Englewood are committed to reducing the amount of these annoying pests in your yard by using effective and environmentally friendly solutions.

Our Englewood mosquito control utilizes MistAway Automatic Mosquito Misting Systems, which provides a scheduled mist of pyrethrum to breeding and resting areas. This insecticide is made from chrysanthemum flowers and offers long-term population reduction.

You should be able to enjoy your time spent outdoors and with Fahey mosquito control in Englewood, it’s easier than ever.

Redeem $25 Off Your Mosquito Control Today!

Bed Bug Treatment in Englewood

When you live in a place as full of natural beauty as Englewood, the last thing you need is to have your peace of mind burdened by a bed bug infestation. Given their tenacity, a single bed bug can quickly become hundreds in the blink of an eye. Often mistaken for fleas, it can be difficult to determine whether or not you’re dealing with bed bugs. Here are some common signs to be on the lookout for:

  • Small blood stains on your bedding or mattress.
  • The appearance of red, itchy bites on your skin.
  • Empty shells or molt skins shed around the edge of the mattress.
  • An unusual strong odor coming from the infected area.

Effective Bed Bug Treatments to Bring You Fast Relief

Bed bugs may be sneaky, but our expert technicians are trained to utilize the most advanced tactics in order to completely eliminate and remove bed bugs from your home. Here at Fahey, we offer innovative bed bug control in Englewood that consist of heat treatments and fumigation services that will effectively eliminate bed bugs after just one visit. You shouldn’t have to wait for relief when it comes to an infestation, which is why our Englewood bed bug exterminators are devoted to getting the job right the first time! When you rely on us for bed bug treatments in Englewood you can expect:

  • A FREE inspection completed by one of our certified Englewood exterminators to locate the source of your infestation and determine the best course of action.
  • If you decide our heat treatments are the best solution for you, we will raise the temperature of any affected room between 120-135 degrees Fahrenheit in order to eliminate any trace of bed bugs while keeping your belongings and family safe.
  • Alternatively, our fumigation treatment is a fast-acting and convenient option ideal for those experiencing an infestation in multiple rooms of the home.
  • Discreet service vehicles and equipment to ensure that your bed bug problem is no one else’s business but ours!

Does the thought of bed bugs infesting your home have you feeling restless? Don’t lose another wink of sleep. Call Fahey Pest & Lawn Solutions to wake up to the bug-free home you’ve been dreaming of! 

Redeem $25 Off Your Pest Control Today!

Rodent & Wildlife Control in Englewood

Rodents and wildlife belong outdoors - not in your house! If your home has been taken over by unwanted invaders, it’s time to take action. Here at Fahey Pest & Lawn Solutions, we offer rodent and wildlife control in Englewood so you can take back your home from unwanted critters.

Rodent Control Designed To Protect Your Family And Home

Rodents can make their way into your home through even the smallest of spaces putting your family at risk for any diseases they may carry, it's time to get rodent free with our rat removal services. Here at Fahey Pest & Lawn Solutions, our customized treatment plans for rodent control in Englewood are always safe and effective. We’re a family-owned business with over 75 years of experience protecting homes just like yours! Our professional exterminators in Englewood are trained to:

  • Seal entry points to eliminate the current infestation and prevent future infestations.
  • Bait and trap rodents currently residing in your home.
  • Monitor the traps every other day to determine if any additional treatments are necessary.
  • V acuum droppings near the entry points and deodorize any areas that we vacuumed.

With a Google+ rating of 4.9 from over 1,800 reviews, you can be sure we will get the Englewood rodent control job done! We will even give you $50 off rodent proofing services.

Don’t Let Wildlife Take Over Your Home

If you have noticed raccoons, possums or armadillos lurking around your home, you could be at risk of a wildlife infestation. These pests are drawn to our homes, especially in the cooler months, because they offer warm places to nest. The worst part? The longer these animals are left alone, the more animals they attract! Our wildlife control in Englewood consists of setting traps, removing animals humanely, and cleaning up animal remnants after removal.Contact our Englewood wildlife control experts at 941-366-9090 to safely and effectively get rid of the wildlife taking over your home.


Termite Treatment in Englewood

Your home is where you feel most comfortable, it’s where you make your memories, but when pests invade it disrupts that warm and inviting environment. When you find signs of a termite infestation you need to act quickly! Drywood and subterranean termites can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home in a very short amount of time. Often homeowners don’t find termites until the damage has begun -- that’s why we recommend preventative termite care in addition to treatments that destroy termite colonies for good. Protect your greatest investment today by partnering with Fahey Pest for Englewood termite control.

Eliminate Drywood and Subterranean Termites From Your Home

Our professional termite control in Englewood will target both drywood and subterranean termites from damaging your home by eliminating the colonies completely. We use multiple methods to customize a solution for your specific extermination needs. When you partner with us we will perform a thorough inspection of your home and determine the extent of damage and infestation.

For drywood termites we will:

  • Use a Bora Care preventative treatment to protect your new home from termite attacks.
  • Perform a spot treatment on infected wood to kill the current infestation.
  • Fumigate your home -- this option may be best if termites have already taken over your home. This treatment is backed by our 100% guarantee to completely eliminate the termite infestation.

For subterranean termites we will:

  • Use the Sentricon System and Install Recruit HD termite bait stations to form a perimeter around your home.
  • The termites then share the noviflumuron bait with one another.
  • Termites will then mark the stations attracting other termites and spreading the bait even farther, eliminating the entire colony.

By using the Sentricon System with Always Active Technology your home is completely protected against termites for good.

Save Your Furniture and Belongings!

As dedicated professionals, we want to treat your home for termites to protect your most sacred space. But we also want to help limit damage to your furniture and belongings as well! That’s why we offer furniture fumigation to control damage from termites and powder post beetles. Treating your furniture stops these destructive pests from doing further damage or spreading further. How do you take advantage of this great service?

  • On Friday’s you can drop your wooden furniture and other valuable belongings off with our experts who will fumigate it in our vault over the weekend.
  • Your furniture will be completely free of damaging pests and ready for pick up by Tuesday.

If you are battling termites, take back control of your home from destructive termites by contacting Fahey Pest today and scheduling your free estimate.

Redeem $25 Off Your Pest Control Today!


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