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Don’t Let Bed Bugs Keep You Up!

If you’ve spotted signs of bed bugs in your home, chances are you’re looking for quick relief so you can get back to sleeping in peace. Let the experts at Fahey eliminate your bed bug problem and get you back to a restful night of sleep with our bed bug  treatments in Sarasota.

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Pest Control

Our basic recurring pest program, protecting your home from more than 20 common pests including ants, spider, cockroaches, and more.

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Pest Control + Mosquito + Flea

Our most popular package, offering protection from pests like ants, spiders, and roaches, as well as mosquitoes and flea treatments!

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Pest Control + Termite

We regularly treat and protect your home against common pests PLUS complete protection from subterranean termites with Sentricon and Always Active technology.

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Pest + Mosquito + Flea + Termite

Complete protection from common pests, fleas, mosquitoes, & subterranean termites, with Sentricon and Always Active technology.

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Their technicians are very knowledgeable and take the time to listen to all issues that you’re having. Each technician I have worked with has been very professional and respectful. Great company to work with!

Bed Bug Treatment in Sarasota

While many people think they could never fall victim to bed bugs, it’s actually surprisingly easy for an infestation to make its way into your home. Bed bugs are easily transmitted through public transportation, a stay in a hotel, or even through a guest in your home. Here at Fahey, our experts are trained to not only eliminate all living bed bugs, but also treat bed bug eggs that are lying dormant in carpets, furniture, and cracks. With our highly effective bed bug treatments in Sarasota, you can rest assured knowing your bed bug problem will be a thing of the past!

We Eliminate Bed Bugs in Just One Treatment

Here at Fahey, your family’s safety is our top priority. That’s why utilize safe and effective heat treatment for total bed bug elimination. Our Thermal Remediation® heat treatment is a safe and environmentally-friendly method that allows us to minimize the use of chemicals to rid your home of all bed bugs. Not sure how the heat treatment process works? We’ll tell you:

  • With every bed bug case, we always start the process out with a thorough bed bug inspection of the affected areas. Bed bugs are often mistaken with other biting pests such as fleas, so before we treat your home, we always make sure what we’re up against first.
  • Once we’ve confirmed there are bed bugs in your home, we will raise the temperature of the affected room(s) to temperatures between 120 and 135 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature range is carefully monitored to reduce the possibility of damage to your property and belongings.
  • Heating the entire room will ensure that bed bugs in all lifecycles - even the ones strategically hiding out in cracks and crevices - are killed in just one visit to your home.
  • Our bed bug exterminators in Sarasota use a vacuum to remove any detectable bed bugs after the heat treatment, leaving you with a bed bug-free home

We Also Offer Bed Bug Fumigation Services!

Here at Fahey, we understand that heat treatment isn’t always the best option for all infestations. Because of this, we also offer bed bug fumigation treatments for severe infestations. Because bed bugs spread rapidly, if you’ve found them in one room, chances are they’ve spread to other areas of your home. With our bed bug fumigation in Sarasota,  you can expect:

  • Widespread Total Elimination. By targeting live bed bugs and their unhatched eggs with fumigation, you don’t have to worry about bed bugs resurfacing in a few weeks.
  • Minimal Preparation. Unlike other bed bug extermination treatments, fumigation doesn’t require intense preparation for your home prior to treatment.
  • Immediate Results. Unlike other products which can take days or even weeks for relief, with fumigation, you leave a bed bug infested house, and return to a safe, peaceful bed bug free home!

We’ve Been Getting Rid of Bed Bugs for 75 Years

Here at Fahey, we believe in treating our customers like family. That’s because as a family owned and operated company serving the Sarasota community since 1943, we see all our customers as an important part of our community and take pride in delivering quality service and excellent results. With commitment like that, it’s no wonder we’re the highest rated pest control company in the area!

While we work hard to stay up to date on the latest technologies and bed bug treatment methods, nothing is as important as the experience and knowledge we’ve gained by serving the Sarasota community for the past 75 years! When you partner with Fahey for your bed bug treatment in Sarasota, you can rest assured knowing that an experienced and knowledgeable technician will restore your peace of mind and eliminate each and every last bed bug from your home.

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