Rodent and Wildlife Services

Rodent Exclusions

raccoon 9 months Where we exclude entry points on the structure with materials so that rodents can no longer gain entry into the building. We then set traps and trap all of the rodents that are stuck inside. We will vacuum and deodorize the entryway into the attic or crawl space

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Rodent Trapping

Is done when a building cannot be excluded. Traps are set and the technician comes every other day to monitor and maintain the traps used.

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Bat Exclusions

(NOT AVAILABLE April 16-August 14 due to the maternity season) Bats are protected under Florida wildlife laws and we do not exterminate them. A one way device is placed at the locations where the bats are emerging from the roost.  The device allows them to exit but prevents them from entering.

Wildlife trapping

(Opossums, raccoons, armadillos) large traps are set by the den of the animal or the area where evidence is found.  The technician checks the traps daily and removes the caught animal. The trapping continues for one week.

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