Soldier termiteDrywood Termites

Structural Fumigation

Since drywood termites live deep within a structure, an infestation can go undetected for a long period of time. As a result, mass areas of a home or business may be affected. In this instance, the most effective course of action is fumigating the entire structure. During a tent fumigation, a building is sealed and injected with chemicals that eradicate the problem. At Fahey, our trained experts use top equipment to bring guaranteed results.

Drywood Spot Treatments

When an infestation is not widespread, it is possible to spot-treat isolated areas. Our technicians use this technique as an alternative to a full-tent fumigation. Our special equipment injects the treatment directly into the effected area, which destroys the pests and prevents further problems.

Furniture Fumigation

When drywood termites are destroying your furniture, it is possible to treat and save your investments. We bring customers' infested items to our shop and place them in a special fumigation vault that eliminates the termites. All furniture is returned ready for many more years of use.

Preventative Measures

To protect new construction from termite damage, Bora-Care is often used. This product is applied to wood, concrete, and a building's foundation. This eliminates the need to pump caustic chemicals into the soil, which preserves the environment. Treatment is extremely effective and safely prevents termite infestations.

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Subterranean Termites

Sentricon HD

Recognized as a Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award Winner, Sentricon HD is the preferred method of subterranean termite protection. While it eliminates entire termite colonies, it does not harm the environment or cause negative effects on human health. Since it does not involve drilling, Sentricon HD is less invasive than other "trench and treat" methods. We install stations around your property, which contain noviflumuron termite bait. This ingredient is carried back to the nest and is shared with the whole colony. As termites mark the bait with pheromones, others are attracted to the stations. The bait is not detected by the insects, so feeding continues until they are all eliminated.

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"Trench and Treat"

The most common way to eliminate subterranean termites is with a liquid perimeter treatment. We dig a trench around your home, and the surrounding soil is treated. In certain circumstances, it is necessary to drill holes in the concrete foundation. Since termites come from outside, this is an effective method of preventing an infestation.

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