TAP Pest Control Insulation

Every home needs insulation to protect it from the outside elements. However, insulation can also be used to keep pests out of the house as well. TAP Insulation is environmentally friendly and delivers top thermal, acoustical, and pest management properties. When it is used in a home's attic and crawl space, heating and cooling will be more efficient and pet infestations will be lowered.

Benefits of TAP Pest Control Insulation in a Home's Attic

  • tap logo 002Thermal. TAP Insulation blankets a home. Its unique properties slow air flow and trap heat. Its high R-value prevents heat from escaping in the colder winter months and keeps a home cool during the hot Florida summers.
  • Acoustical. TAP Insulation prevents loud sounds from penetrating the ceiling. Thanks to the small air pockets made by the paper fiber construction, this insulation decreases the amount of sound transmitted.
  • Pest Control. Unlike other insulation products, TAP offers a unique form of pesticide that keeps infestations from ruining a home. It contains a specialized form of borate, which kills insects. During manufacturing, this borate is evenly distributed to the fibrous material so that insects are guaranteed to make contact upon entering the home. As the pests crawl through the insulation, they ingest the substance and eventually die. Since there are no toxic fumes emitted, it is safe for humans and the environment.

TAP Crawl Space Insulation

tapBesides attics, there is a TAP system available for a home's crawl space. This ComfortTherm fiberglass product brings a number of benefits.

  • Thermal Efficiency. Offers a high R-value so that heat and cold transfers are limited.
  • Acoustical Efficiency. Lowers sound transmission.
  • Fire Resistant
  • Controls and Prevents Moisture. In humid Florida climates, ComfortTherm comes with a perforated plastic facing that does not become a vapor-retarder. This system resists mold and mildew and is not a food source for outside pests.

Energy Star Partner

TAP Pest Control Insulation is friendly to the environment and is crafted from 87.5 percent repurposed materials. It carries the Energy Star Seal, which means users will enjoy lower utility bills each month.

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At Fahey, we supply all sorts of pest control services to clients around the Sarasota area. We understand the critters and insects that affect homeowners in Florida and the need to remain comfortable inside, especially when the humid weather strikes. We install TAP Insulation to houses so that infestations are kept to a minimum. For more information or to receive a free quote, call us at (941)677-5705.