Subterranean Termites in Florida

According to the National Pest Management Association's, an estimated 15% of all new homes have serious structural defects and damages, which include subterranean termite damage.

Protect Your Largest Investment

Termites in FL feed on cellulose from wood and wood by-products. Often times termite infestation and damage is not obvious to a homeowner. When you hire Fahey our termite inspectors will inspect your home and identify whether or not termites are present. If termites are found, we will recommend the best option for treatment and the protection of your home. If termites are not found our inspectors will discuss preventative measures that can be taken to ensure your home will be protected from these devastating pests.

Our Peace of Mind Guarantee

Whether it is a liquid treatment or our popular "green" termite protection using the Sentricon Termite Colony Baiting System, homes who qualify will receive a $250,000 repair warranty on any new damage occurring after treatment.

When you call Fahey you can be assured that we choose the most cutting edge termitcides available on the market today to exterminate termites in Florida.


Dupont Altriset Termiticide - Liquid Termite Treatment in Florida

The newest technology in liquid termite control is Altriset by DuPont - A truly low impact termiticide on the environment that protects your home or business. This product is so safe it is the only termiticide on the market without a signal word!

Our choice for liquid termite treatment is Altriset Termiticide by DuPont. Your home, your environment. Balancing priorities is part of every decision. If you want an effective, professional termite control product that also has an excellent environmental profile, DuPont's Altriset is the right choice.

Altriset is extremely effective on termites, its chemistry is targeted so that it has little impact on the organisms you do want in your yard-such as honey bees and earthworms. Once termites are exposed to Altriset, the termites stop feeding within hours of ingestion, stopping further damage immediately. It also increases termites' already social behavior. They groom and exchange food, therefore spreading Altriset to other colony members.

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