Florida Rodent Exclusion

rat paperIf you hear noises within the attic or wall of your home, you might have a rat or mouse infestation. Our company specializes in excluding, trapping and eliminating any unwanted critters from your premises. We serve residential areas, and we also take care of business properties as well. Any infestation can adversely affect the value of your property or business.

Rodent Exclusion and Trapping

Fahey's experienced professionals specialize in rodent control. They can asses your specific problem and outline a treatment plan relevant to your situation. They consider the structure of your building, the behavior and biology of your pests, and other mitigating factors. Our pest control exterminators understand the most advanced rodent removal methods available, which can solve persistent infestations. Common techniques include baiting, rat and mouse trapping, and ongoing maintenance. For the best results, contact us immediately after you see signs of an infestation.

Services in Sarasota, Charlotte, and Manatee Counties

Fahey experts take care of every aspect of rodent removal from the initial inspection to the final solution. They scrutinize the entire property to determine likely methods of entry, and this includes the base of the building, the roof and the walls. After identifying all possible routes of entry, our technicians will obstruct these areas using a variety of materials including copper mesh, hardware cloth and other applicable materials.

rat - 3Once the physical exclusion procedures are in place, our Fahey rodent control expert will begin trapping any critters that remain inside. Many rodents build nests inside walls, and these infestations are difficult to remove. If any baby rats or mice survive, the problem will just resurface at a later date. In addition, rats and mice will often leave behind droppings, and the stench of urine or rat carcasses may linger behind unless properly addressed. 

Elimination and Maintenance

Our service technicians understand how to locate these remains and remove them from your home. They also vacuum up any droppings and deodorize the affected areas to eliminate any odors. Finally, additional baiting methods are used to ensure that any survivors are caught. These traps need to be set up properly in order to function over time, so it is imperative to use our professional trapping services. The key to a successful trap is the proper maintenance and monitoring of the device.

Our maintenance services guarantee that you will be free from these pests. We perform advanced rodent control, so you can enjoy a pest-free property during subsequent years. Any additional infestations will be quickly eliminated before they grow out of control. Our services are designed to keep your property free from rodents over the long haul. Business owners as well as residential clients can benefit immensely from these services. Fahey is committed to your satisfaction, so we guarantee all of our rodent exclusion services for an entire year.