Manasota Key Pest Control

Manasota has beautiful views on each side as it overlooks the Lemon Bay and the Gulf. Residents here can take advantage of the nearby state park, go boating for a day or spend some time on the beach. You'd think that being separated from the mainland would keep the pests at bay, but they find ways to infiltrate homes across the area. Fahey Pest & Lawn Solutions has ways of its own to stop pest infestations from bothering residents in Manasota Key.

Pest Control

Flies, roaches, termites – these pests and more invade homes across the city. Rodents also find their way from the beach into houses where they contaminate food and living areas. Whether you're dealing with a bedbug infestation or ants, it's important to take action before the pests spread and get out of control.

Our certified pest control specialists treat insect pests where the hide, eliminating the adults and their eggs. We'll also pretreat your home and set up recurring treatments to prevent future infestations on your property.

Termite Control

Termites thrive in every part of Florida, even on the long stretch of land where Manasota residents call home. These destructive insects feed on wood and consume pounds of it per year. In fact, they cause billions of dollars in damages across the United States every year and threaten both homes and businesses. Drywood termites attack structures above the ground whereas the subterranean species infiltrate below the ground. No matter the species, termites require specialized treatments to prevent their devastating effects.

Our experienced technicians specialize in termite control and treat the pests using the Sentricon HD system. It's a highly effective solution for targeting the queen and killing the colony without having to perform drenches or to alter the structure. We'll also schedule a recurring treatment program to ensure a termite-free home long into the future.

Lawn Services

Maintaining your lawn keeps the pests out and makes your home look beautiful from the curb. Pests enjoy overgrown grass, abundant weeds and untrimmed shrubs. They use these areas in which to hide and to increase their population before venturing inside your home. If you maintain your lawn, pest numbers will decrease, and your home's aesthetic will increase.

Our lawn care technicians feed your lawn with Bio Green products, a natural solution for treating turf pests and helping the grass to grow stronger. We'll inspect your lawn for weeds, pests and diseases, treat the problem on the spot and also fertilize the grass and the shrubs.

Manasota Pest Control and Lawn Care

Contact Fahey Pest & Lawn Solutions for a free estimate and to schedule your appointment today. Our professional technicians will eliminate pests on your property, giving you a pest-free home and a greener, stronger lawn.