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Our philosophy when providing lawn and ornamental shrub care in Florida is to involve you, the customer. Fahey will have control over the materials to be used when making your lawn and ornamentals green and pest free, but you control how your landscape is cut, watered and maintained. These three items are very important to the survival and health of your landscape. Our team can provide you with this information for your convenience. By working together, the results will be a green, pest free and healthy landscape.



Bio Green develops products for Lawn and Garden, Agriculture and Arbor Care. All of the products are Bio-Based with many listed on the USDA Bio-Preferred Program for federal procurement. The focus of Bio Green is to feed the soil food web and thereby balance the existing soil conditions. The products are all developed for uniform seed germination, to drive down deeper roots, and create an easier form of application. To learn more click here.

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Local Lawn Services from Fahey

12 X Lawn and Shrub Care with Bio Green

Fahey Lawn care with Bio Green program includes:

Fertilizer: Containing the proper balance of nutrients to be applied at the appropriate time of the year

Treatment of Turf Destroying Pests: chinch bugs, mole crickets, sod webworms, billbugs and fall armyworms. We will apply an application of insecticide or bait based on the life cycle of activity of the pest. Other pests require multiple treatments to achieve control based on their life cycle, such as ticks, fleas and grubs.

Weeds: Broadleaf weeds at time of regular service only. A pre-emergent herbicide will be added into your fertilizer application during the early spring and fall. Weed control is also included in your shrub beds.

*Sedges and grassy weeds are not included and require multiple treatments and thus require a separate fee for service or irregular materials

bio greenFahey Shrub care with Bio Green includes:

Fertilizer: Containing the proper balance of nutrients to be applied at the appropriate time of the year

Treatment of Insect Pests: aphids, white flies, thrips, and scale (Cycad Scale not included)

*We do not include fungus control in our shrub program. Once the plant is infected, an application of fungicide may not guarantee recovery. The reason for fungus development in a plant can usually be traced to one or more of the following: too much water, improperly planted, or plant injury.

During a service visit, our technician will:

  • Walk and inspect the lawn area looking for turf destroying pests, turf destroying disease, and weed problems. We will inspect the shrubs for insect and weed problems.
  • We will treat for weeds (if present), pests, and fertilize your lawn and shrubs.
  • Upon completion of service, the technician will leave you an overview of services provided, including a link for you to access your account history, and view any technician recommendations for your lawn or shrubs.
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What you can expect from Fahey’s lawn care:

  • A courteous, knowledgeable, technician and support staff
  • Quick response to your calls
  • Trust and Integrity
  • A company that cares about you, the customer
  • Our guarantee: “If you experience a problem with your lawn and shrub, Fahey will return at no additional charge to solve the problem.

Client Responsibilities:

  • Weekly inspection of turf area and notify Fahey Pest & Lawn Solutions of any potential problems. Have your lawn cutting company or neighbor do this important inspection for you if you are gone an extended period of time.
  • Maintain proper watering and mowing practices. As a rule of thumb, apply approximately 1 inch of water per week as a substitute for rain. Turn off irrigation during rainy seasons. Maintain a mowing height of 4 inches or the highest setting. (Too much or too little water, low mowing, infrequent mowing, dull blades all contribute to turf decline.

 A healthy turf is an equal partnership between Fahey and you, the customer. The application of materials alone does not make a healthy lawn. We need to work together toward a green and thriving lawn.

 Additional Charge For:

  • Nuisance Pests: Fleas and ticks, these pests are occasional and often require two or more treatments
  • Sedge Grasses: Purple and yellow nutsedge grasses can be controlled (multiple services and application timing is required)
  • Pre-emergence Herbicides for suppression of weeds by killing the seeds before germination can occur. (Does not guarantee weeds from returning)
  • “Round Up” application to kill Crabgrass, Bermuda grass and other weeds in areas that are going to be replaced with another ground cover

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