Grub Control in Sarasota, Manatee, & Charlotte Counties

White GrubGardening is a great pastime that can be enjoyed when the weather warms up. Unfortunately, warmer weather encourages garden pests to reproduce to infestation levels. Grubs are a type of garden pest that can quickly ruin all of the hard work that a homeowner has put into a lawn. The only way to effectively get rid of these annoying pests is by contacting a professional pest control company for help.

The Problem With Grubs

Grubs are pests that are in their larval stage. These insects turn into destructive pests in their adult stage, but grubs are still capable of doing significant damage before they transition to their adult form.

Infested lawns contain brown patches, and these dead areas cannot be revived. New grass will have to be planted once grubs have been completely eliminated. The extensive damage that can be done by grubs makes it essential for homeowners to contact a pest control expert as soon as the presence of these pests is detected.

Grubs are most common from June through September. Wildlife including skunks and raccoons may be attracted to a lawn that is infested with grubs because they feed on these pests. The presence of wildlife can exasperate pest problems.

Contact Fahey Pest & Lawn Solutions For Grub Control

The first step to regaining control of a lawn that is infested with grubs is to contact an experienced pest control company for help. Fahey Pest & Lawn Solutions in Sarasota provides specialized services completed by experienced technicians who use the latest equipment. The full-service pest control service provider has been serving homeowners and businesses in Sarasota and the surrounding areas for over 70 years. Contact Fahey today to request a free quote.