Florida Fire Ant Extermination Services

Florida fire ants can prohibit you from enjoying your yard as well as be a public health and safety concern. If their mounds are disturbed, they are known to inflict painful bites and stings that result in intense itching for days after wards. Allergic reactions can cause life threatening symptoms and prompt medical attention is recommended.

Fire ant extermination in Sarasota, Manatee, and Charlotte Counties

Our ant exterminators can help youTake Back Your Yardwitduponth our Fire Ant Prevention Service. Eliminate ants before they take over. We guarantee control of fire ants in your yard in one of two ways.

Advion Fire Ant Bait is our bait of choice when it comes to the effective control of ants. This safe and very effective bait contains an active ingredient that does not metabolize with the human body or animal body. It is effective on insects because of an enzyme that only insects have. Making this bait of choice a "Green" alternative to other baits on the market today. Our technicians can add this service to your regular pest prevention program.

top-choiceTop Choice is not a bait. It contains an ingredient that is spread throughout the colony known as the "domino effect" by the social interaction of the ant colony. It is applied one time to control and prevent fire ants in Florida from returning for one year, guaranteed!!

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