Florida Drywood Termite Control

Drywood Termites, Powder Post Beetles, Old House Bores are just some of the wood destroying pests that can infest your home, business, and furniture. We have the treatment options to effectively eliminate wood destroying insects in Florida.

We service Manatee, Sarasota, and Charlotte Counties

Furniture Fumigation

Are there wood destroying insects in your furniture, antiques or valuables? Now you don't have to dispose of it! We are one of the only pest management companies in the area that has a vault at our office ready to treat your furniture from on-going damage caused by drywood termites, beetles, bed bugs, and other wood destroying pests. Your furniture will return ready for many more years of use. Furniture fumigation pest control in FL is typically performed on Fridays and is ready for pick-up on Monday afternoon.


Structural Fumigation

Fumepic1If your home or structure is infested with Drywood Termites structural fumigation may be the best course of action. It is the only 100% guaranteed treatment to rid your home of drywood termites and other wood destroying beetles that have infested multiple areas within the structure.

Drywood termites live and thrive in warm regions particularly in the coastal and Southern parts of Florida. Just as the name implies they live in dry wood with little to no moisture, therefore they thrive in wood that does not come into contact with the soil. Drywood termites often go unseen as they live and forage deep within the structure of a building. A termite inspection done by a professional can unveil threats from drywood termites.

If we identify wood destroying insects as having infested your home or structure, we want our customers to be prepared that a Structural Fumigation may be recommended. Our service is always professionally done with well trained personnel and the best equipment available for a 100% guarantee elimination of drywood termites from the structure.

Fumigation can also be used for bed bug elimination

Drywood Termites No-Tent Fumigation

1. Preventative Drywo

od / Subterranean Termite Treatment with Bora-Care

If you are building a new home and would like to protect your home from drywood and/or subterranean termites, we can treat the wood prior to construction being completed and give you a $250,000.00 repair and retreat warranty.

Post construction treatment for preventative protection from drywood termites is also an option for some homeowners. Our technicians would treat accessible areas with Bora-Care to protect the wood from drywood termite damage.

2. Drywood Spot Treatments:

If Drywood Termites are identified in your home, it is possible that the infestation is just a small localized colony. Our termite technicians can treat small localized drywood termite colonies as an alternative to placing a tent over your home or business. Special equipment is used to inject liquid or foam directly into the galleries of the wood destroying pest to effectively get them where they live. If there are multiple locations where there are active termites that may necessitate fumigation.

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