Chinch Bug Control in Sarasota & Surrounding Counties

chinchdamageThe Florida climate is especially inviting to all sorts of pests that can damage and destroy your lawn. At Fahey Pest & Lawn Solutions, we've been dealing with these nuisances for over 70 years. We're especially adept at eliminating chinch bugs that can easily ruin your lawn in short order.

Chinch bugs are easy to identify. They're black and about one-quarter of an inch long. They have wings that fold over their backs. They prefer St. Augustine grass, but they will also attack zoysia, Bermuda and centipede lawns. They mate in early spring when temperatures exceed 70 degrees. A single female can lay over 500 eggs within a three-week period. Nymphs become adults in about one month. They change color from yellow to red and then to black. They have a light-colored stripe on their abdomens.

Chinch bugs ruin your lawn by sucking the juices from the grass. They release a poison that creates brown patches in the turf, which slowly spread across the entire lawn. Chinch bugs prefer sunlit areas and tend to avoid shady zones. They typically attack sunny portions of a lawn next to a sidewalk, driveway or curb. Since chinch bugs fly, they can easily infest a lawn if they are prevalent in an adjacent property, such as another lawn, a golf course or an agricultural field.

If you suspect that you have chinch bugs, contact Fahey Pest & Lawn Solutions. We know all about chinch bugs and their habits. We'll come to your home or business to inspect your property for chinch bugs, and we'll give you a free estimate to eliminate them. We've been doing it for over seven decades.